Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday at the camp

After a loooooonnngggg weekend with the band, Too Tall and I have to pick up the Dub. The Units usually are at the camp on Sundays so that Dub can ride the four wheeler and play with the "bites," (fiddler crabs) down on the shore. Upon arrival I always grab my phone and my camera because I don't want to miss anything. Before I knew it, Dub had grabbed the camera and was just snapping away. Below are a few of the pictures that he took. I think they are good, but he is my son.

If you are wondering, the camp is 28 acres with 1100ft on Mobile Bay and 1700ft on Fowl River. We love it out here. There is no power, no water, except what you bring down there. We have a camper, a supply tent, 2 guest tents, 2 grills, fire box, trees and wildlife and lots of peace and quiet! We spent 4th of July down there and it was wonderful. We don't really rought it at all. We have a huge generator and solar shower. It is nice to get away and still be close to home.


K. said...

wow, that second photo (with the jar) is great! i'd put it on my wall. although i'm partial to the sneak attack on your dad, too. =)

SJ said...

I think I may be buying him his own camera for Christmas. He really does love it. He also like to be on the other side of the camera. Such a ham.