Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me...yesterday!

Well I made through another year. I'm still not officially old yet! 2 more years for me, or if you are Too Tall, 6 more months! I had a great day and received a ton of flowers. Nanny picked wildflowers from her garden, mom had fire and ice roses delivered and Too Tall had these really cool tie dyed looking roses waiting for me when I got home. I ate entirely too much birthday cake yesterday! It was a really cute cake. I love birthdays! It is that one special day that is all about "you!" Everyone went out of their way to make my day one of a kind and I really appreciated the gifts, text messages, phone calls, emails, myspace and facebook postings. Thank you! You know who you are and I love you all very much.

P.S. Party at our house Saturday night to celebrate even more!

My lovely birthday cake with the whipped icing. So good!

Fire and Ice roses from Mama. They are my favorite.

Wildflowers from Nanny's garden.

Cast iron dutch oven from Big Brother! Thank you so much! I love it!

Tie Dyed roses from Too Tall. They are so neat looking!


K. said...

happy birthday! totally jealous of your gift from big brother!

Juarez Family said...

Sounds like an awesome birthday! I'm glad you had a great one! Can't wait to see pictures from your party this weekend!

Craig said...

Happy birthday again, enjoyed talking last night at the Tavern.

See you next trip through Mobile!