Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bandits at Midnight

A few months ago, Mama bought one of those outdoor, motion activated cameras that hunters and Bigfoot scouts use. We have put that camera up all over the camp and have caught deer, coyotes, raccoons, Jack's butt, Dad on the get the picture. A friend of ours gave us a deer feeder that is just a black PVC pipe with a hole at the bottom and you pour the corn in from the top. The coons love this thing! No more trash for them. We have caught them on camera the most times. Here are a few pictures of the mom and her babies. Who knows, maybe we will get one of Bigfoot!

In the back is Dub's treehouse that Too Tall built. You can see the water from up there.

It really is amazing to see all the tracks after it rains. I wish more animals would come!

I really think we need a few more cameras to put out.

I will try to post some more pictures of the deer and coyotes when I find them on Mama's computer.


K. said...

ha! i would love to have a camera to catch j's shenanigans when i'm not around ...

Juarez Family said...

Oh that's really cool! I bet JW LOVES that tree house!

Anonymous said...

Now catch them doin the wild thing!!!!!

Is it S & M if they are wearing masks?

I think so!!!!

The Life and Times of a Southern Foody said...

Now you can catch them doin the wild thing!!

Is it S & M cause they are wearing masks?

I think so!!!!!

Raccoons gettin frisky!!!!!