Monday, October 20, 2008

FAIRly good time...

Friday night we went to the fair to watch Top of the Orange play. Number one, we froze our asses off!! Number two, the band was awesome as usual, the crowd, not so much. Number three, all you can smell is the food! Why does it have to smell so good! You can't figure out what you want to eat because it all blends together. I really wanted a corn dog, but since Too Tall and I are sort of with the band, we got to eat TGIFridays in the VIP area. Don't be impressed. We were served half a burger, literally! I wasn't hungry after that so I just walked around taking pictures while Little Mama went to the ladies room.

Gyros, Fries, Pizza, Cotton Candy, Funnel Cakes.....YUMMY!

Little Mama's Dippin Dots
Evan's Funnel Cake


Don't you want one of these!!!!
Chicken on a stick! One of my Favs!
This is the best smelling stuff ever!
American Indian tacos? Looks like nachos to me.
We will be going back to the fair with Dub sometime this week. He loves the animals and the kiddie rides. I am NOT riding with him this year. They all make me sick. I like playing the games that you never win, but the redneck next to you has 5 huge stuffed animals from playing it. What do you do with that stuff when you get home? I feel sorry for the goldfish that you can win. Their god is porcelain.
Have a great week everyone!!!


K. said...

if those american indian tacos were made with frybread, i'm driving down there right now.

Sjonicus said...

You would be correct! What time shall we expect you? Halloween party Saturday, I know you would love that!

The Life and Times of a Southern Foody said...

I could smell the food from here

I love the fair!!!

just no whirly rides.....I get sick!

Juarez Family said...

mmmm chicken on a stick..............