Monday, October 13, 2008

Pictures and Food

Sunday is always a lazy day at the Boltz house. We all slept late and vegged out in front of the TVs watching various crap and Disney movies. Ryan and Angelique call around 12:30 to invite us to lunch at Three Flavors and then on to see a movie. Three Flavors is a one of a kind restaurant. They offer Mexican, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese and Hawaiian foods. I ordered the shrimp fried rice and a spicy tuna roll. Too Tall had the tiger beef and some stir fry with chicken (I can't remember the name). Dub loves the crab Rangoon's and tempura chicken. R and A had the tiger shrimp, dragon roll and masaman curry. Since we all eat there many times a week, we all get free dessert. Red bean ice cream for Too Tall, Rizzo and I. Vanilla for Dub and green tea for Angelique. The red bean ice cream was awesome, green tea not so much.

After we ate we decided to go home instead of to the movies. Dub was not acting to well at the restaurant. That was all good though. We ended up watching a Almost Famous and falling asleep. When we woke up from our food induced coma, Dub wanted to play outside. He grabbed my camera and went to town.

Red bean ice cream

Green tea ice cream

They only have 1 new hour? They also spell menu "minu."

Dub's pictures from here down.

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Juarez Family said...

Hahaha I think Martin has those boxer briefs!