Monday, November 24, 2008


This past weekend we went camping at our 28 acres with JW and some friends. Too Tall, JW and I got down there around 5 :30pm with all of our supplies, generator, blankets and of course, our soft air pellet guns. You know that it just had to cold when we went too. We froze our butts off!! After JW went to bed in the camper with the heaters going, Too Tall and I got the fire going outside in the firebox, lit the tiki torches and enjoyed a beer or two while waiting on Ryan, Rob and Sammie Jo. They finally got to the camp and we were ready to start the war!!

Before I get started please note that we were all wearing the appropriate safety attire for the occasion. The pellet guns fire plastic bb's that are non-lethal. We are not skilled professionals, we are just dumb enough to run around shooting each other.

Since it was 30 something degrees outside we had layers and layers of clothes on, our pockets loaded with ammo and guns. There are lots of good places to hide behind at the camp so I went to the tree house, where I ripped my pants, to get some good shots in at Too Tall. We were running around in front of the camper, behind the camper, across the ditch, behind the tents, trees, stumps. There were lots of yelps and laughing. Shots to the back, legs, arms, hands and one to Sammie Jo's eye, but that was the next day.

Saturday we hiked all over the camp. The boys were shooting the banana spiders out of the trees. Sammie, Rob and Ryan climbed the trees. JW picked up fiddler crabs. Then the daytime war started. I wasn't playing because I tripped over a tent lead and hurt my knee. It was fun to watch. Saturday night there was more war. Sunday was about the same as Saturday except we went home around 5. WE had a great weekend. Now we have tiny red dots all over us. Good times.

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bro said...

I was in my warm house this weekend. Girl you crazy to get in the cold!

See you soon!