Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Auburn Weekend

Too Tall and I celebrated our 5 years being married back in August with a wonderful trip to the Big Easy and I surprised him with Auburn Homecoming game tickets. The game was this past weekend and we had a ball! I am so glad that we finally won after 4 previous losses. I was so impressed by how clean the campus was and how nice everyone was. We ate at the Mellow Mushroom before the game and had a few beers. We tootled around Toomer's Corner before the game and walked around the whole stadium just taking it all in. Our seats were 3 rows from the field on the Auburn side on the 40 yard line. Nova, the eagle, was amazing when he flew down from the nose bleed section and landed on the field. The band was awesome as were the pom squad and cheerleaders. Aubie was my favorite.

Enjoy the pictures whether you are a fan or not. It is certainly worth the trip. Don't miss the rolling of Toomer's Corner after the games and who knows you may be invited to a frat party with some women from UTM named Susan.....

PS: Thanks Laura for recommending Bodegga. That is where we met our new friends.

After the game

Toomer's Corner Final Score


The Coach and The Governor

Too Tall

Just to let you know, we left at 6:00am because Too Tall was so excited to get there! Then we had to wait until 11:00am to get a beer. I know, we should have been prepared with a cooler. We know for next time. I want to take the camper next time and really tailgate. Who wants to go with?


Juarez Family said...

Heck yeah! We can be like those old folks and get there a week early and tailgate for days.....But let's choose to go during a season when we actually win games!

Sjonicus said...

That sounds good to me! I think the girls and JW would have a ball. You know Martin and Mark would love to hang out together agian. We will be up for Thanksgiving!

Juarez Family said...

How long are y'all staying for Thanksgiving?

Foodimentary said...

Glad you had a good time!

Love the photos of New Orleans!