Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I am sure that some of you, if not all of you, have a certain way that you pronounce certain words. I know I do and given that I live in the south, Lord knows we talk different. I was trying to think up some words that I had heard. My Nanny has a few on this list. Please add to it. I think it will be funny. Happy Wednesday! Only 2 days to go!!

ORANGE - I pronounce it "Oreeenge"

OXYGEN - Nanny says "Oshagen"

SALSA - Nanny says "Salseea"

NAPE of the neck - Too Tall says "Nap of neck"

WASH(ing)(er) - I have heard "Warsh(ing)(er)"

DADDY - I say "Deddy"

EGG - Rhonda's mother says "Aig"

LIBRARY - I have heard "Libarry"

ALBUM - Rhonda's mother says "Alblum"

WRIST - Rhonda's sister in-law says "Wristes"

CLIMB - Michael J's friend says "Clumb"

PICTURE - Rhonda's other sister in-law says "Picher"

These are just a few. Add as you will. I would appreciate it.

Love to all!


The Life and Times of a Southern Foodie said...



I say everything correctly...

I think

The Life and Times of a Southern Foodie said...

sjonze- pronounces shont-zee (your grand father)

nuclear- pronounced noo-cue-ler (W, the president)

Sjon-ja said...

OK...I forgot that mom says "srimp" and everyone down in L.A. says "oyshters."

I have lived with the mispronunciation of my name, my whole life. I have heard it all! Grampa calls calls me "Sontsey."

Shawn is the worst by far! So-jon, sonja, s-jon and the list goes on...