Monday, December 29, 2008

We Survived!!

War Eagle!!

I am proud to say that we survived Christmas with little damage! Actually no damage at all. JW has more toys than Toys R Us keeps in stock! His toy room is for tip toeing only! With the train set, Hot Wheels town, Ben 10 alien maker, D-Rex, blocks, stuffed animals and animated panda bear, there is no room to walk. He is such a wonderful and special child. He really is loved and spoiled by all!

I had a great Christmas thanks to Too Tall, Big Brother and T-Fin! It is not about receiving the gifts, it is the thought that counts. I am so thankful to be thought of so much!

Too Tall seems to be happy with the gifts he got. I sort of went overboard, but he deserves it. He is such a great husband and a wonderful father.

Christmas was spent in Grand Bay at Nanny's house where we had way too much food for such a small family. Mom and I made stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon and stuffed crabs. There was turkey, ham and all of the trimmings. Barbara brought lots of goodies too!

The day after Christmas, I de-Christmased the house. The tree is gone, cards are off the mantle, stockings are put away and all of the other crap is now back in the attic for another year. Now we can look forward to a new year and hopefully new doors will open promising a better year for all. Even though times have been tough this year, I can only see things getting better. When you think things are going bad, stop and look around you. You are probably better than some. At least you know you have a friend in me! That should mean something!!!

Love to all!

PS: I forgot about Elvis! Elvis is JW's new guinea pig! Too freaking cute. He makes the funniest noises and he loves to be loved on.

Christmas morning at 6:30am!

Goofing around at the store
Elvis is in the building!

Waiting for New Years!!


The Life and Times of The Southern Foodie said...

woo hoo! it's all the pictures. the beer looks pretty!

K. said...

elvis is hilarious! the le creuset cookbook is from me. =)

Sjon-ja said...

Thank you for the cookbook K! I love it! I have gifts for the BHAM crew in my truck. Now I'm waiting for some gas money and time off!