Wednesday, December 3, 2008

JW's Christmas List

Last night we had dessert with Santa at JW's school. He could not wait to sit on his lap and tell him what he wants for Christmas. When it was his turn and Santa asked him what he wants JW told him that he wants LOTS of toys. Not just one or two specific things but LOTS of toys.

Here is a list of things that he has seen in the stores or on TV that he says he wants.

Clone Trooper Voice Changer

Anything to do with Transformers

What boy doesn't like Hot Wheels? He likes the one with the loopty loops.
Portable DVD player for kids

Waterproof digital camera. He loves to take pictures!

Of course this is not all of the things he wants. He wants a boat bed, moon sand, Spiderman anything, remote controlled dinosaur, leapfrog stuff, his own Nintendo DS, games......the list goes on. He is at the age that he understands that you get presents for Christmas, but he isn't demanding, yet. I give it a year or so before he starts making the list himself. Wish me luck.

Did I mention that he loves books and anything he can play with outside? My work is never done.

Love to all!

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The Life and Times of a Southern Foodie said...


What ever happened to world peace and food stamps like everybody else

just kidding

Jw will be a lucky devil if he gets all his presents!