Monday, June 15, 2009

Mama's Green Thumb

You know there are some things that one is born with and some things that just don't make it through the whole process of making a child. My mother was definitely born to grow stuff. She got it from Nanny and she even gave some to JB, but some how that gene skipped me completely. I am really good at killing poor innocent plants.

If you ever happen to be on Dauphin Island and you go to Mama's house, it is immediately clear that she loves to garden. From Angel Trumpets, Oleanders, Bottle Brushes to Plumeria and Birds of Paradise, she is the master. Here are some pictures that I took last week of some of her flowers. Enjoy!

Plumeria - Smells so good!!!

Desert Rose - Mom says they sell for $150 an inch. Hers is huge!

Birds of Paradise

White Oleanders - These are poisonous to dogs!

Not only does she grow flowers, she has a thriving garden at the camp as well. I'm trying to learn. I haven't killed my pumpkins yet so that is a plus. I will try to post some pictures of the garden later on.
Love to all!

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