Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby Update

It has been a while since I have done a baby update so here goes.

I will be 26 weeks along on Friday and next week will be the end of my 2nd trimester. I can't believe how fast time is flying by this time. I thought I was going to be pregnant forever with JW but it seems I only found out about this one yesterday. Must be because I'm getting older. Who knows. Anyway, Hayden is definitely a dancer! She moves all the time! JW like to watch my stomach move and he likes it when she kicks his hands. I think it's sweet. He says that he will read to her all the time and share his toys. He even said she could have his green blanket and "2 Puppy," both of which are his prized possessions. What will really bring a smile to your face is when he gives the baby a hug by wrapping his arms around my baby bump and a kiss. JW will be the best big brother ever!

Mark is still not really ready for a girl. He is going to be SUPER over protective of her from day one. He is not digging all the cute dresses with bloomers and the short skirts and high heels to come. I think he is more nervous about her being just like me! But that can't be too bad, he did marry me after all and I still haven't killed anyone in 28 years so that is a plus. He is going to melt in a big puddle when she gets here and it will be all over with. Daddy's little girl will begin her reign!

My next appointment is July 1 and I will have to do the sugar test when I get there. I;m sure that will go just fine. I still haven't gained a ton of weight this time, which is awesome! After that appointment, I will start going every 2 weeks. Time will really start zipping by then.

We still haven't done much to Hayden's room except for moving JW's toy and stuff out. I still need to clean out the closet, scrub down the crib and paint. I have picked out the bedding, just don't have the funds to buy it. If you are feeling generous, and I hope you are, you can find the set here. I love the colors and it's not too girly for Mark. The furniture is white (thank goodness we kept all of it) and I really want to find a big lime green shag rug to go with it, but again, I have no money. Hopefully some good things will start happening and we can get out of this slump we are in. Until then...oh well.

Crystal, Angelique and Meagan have been busy working on my baby shower. Crystal calls at least once a week to ask about this and that. I'm just as excited as they are. Our house could use more pink! Supposedly, JB is to throw me a shower in Birmingham. I hope so anyway. For one it would be nice to get away and see my Birmingham family. He's so busy all the time, so if it happens, it will be a last minute deal.

I hope you weren't too bored to death by my endless baby prattle. When my due date gets closer we can start taking bets on due date, time of arrival, weight, length, hair color, eye color, how long before I have my first beer. You know, things like that. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Love to all...

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