Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Update

Well if you haven't seen it already on facebook, I have been overruled by my boys as far as the name goes. Her name will be Victoria Lee and we will call her Tori. I really wanted Hayden, but Victoria is after my uncle who recently passed away and Lee has been a family name since the 1900's. Since I got to name JW, I guess it is only fair to let Mark name this one.

I have been racking my brain for days trying to come up with ideas for her room and I keep drawing a blank. Hopefully my brother will find time in his busy schedule to help me out (hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge). I found a picture that one of my friends painted and I would like to create the room around that, but, I have to get her to sell me the picture first. Hopefully she will.

After surfing the web most of the weekend, I found this super cute blanket that is so me that it isn't funny. Kind of pink and tough and tattooed but it is still girly. Mark likes it because its not uber girly.

Oh, I almost forgot! Thank you Meagan, Chad and Eithon for buying the first pink stuff for Tori. It makes it more "real" to have that and I appreciate y'all being such great friends!

Love to all!

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Anonymous said...

Post some belly pics!